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Maintenance of marble ...
Marble is a soft limestone and can be easily etched and dulled by products containing acids. Marble is not an ideal product for the showers because of the constant exposure to soaps, shampoons, and the use of improper cleaners by those who are not familiar with the nature of marble ... If your marble is not well maintained, do not hesitate to contact us ....

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Carpet cleaning

We are professional carpet cleaners committed to offering our customers a high level of service.

24 cleaning services offer professional carpet cleaning in London to match your requirements at reasonable price and with high quality service. We are providing a London carpet cleaning service to commercial and domestic sector. Our carpet cleaning services team is fully trained and supervised in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning and stain removers. We use only the best carpet cleaning equipments and materials to get your carpet and rugs looking their best.

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