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Maintenance of marble ...
Marble is a soft limestone and can be easily etched and dulled by products containing acids. Marble is not an ideal product for the showers because of the constant exposure to soaps, shampoons, and the use of improper cleaners by those who are not familiar with the nature of marble ... If your marble is not well maintained, do not hesitate to contact us ....

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Supermarkets and shopping centers

24 Cleaning Services is one of Britain’s leading supermarket cleaning organizations. With contracts throughout UK, we provide a truly national service.

No matter what size of premises you have, 24 Cleaning Services can develop a cleaning plan for you. Our current client portfolio includes supermarkets, shopping centers office buildings, retail and industrial premises.

Our cleaning programs are designed specifically to meet your requirements.


Supermarkets are one of highly specialized fields, requiring extensive care and resources, properly trained personnel and equipment. 24’s size and financial strength ensures we always have the most advanced equipment and materials. In addition to this, our size provides the infrastructure and support base so critical to maintaining our specialized recruitment and people development systems, enabling us to continue to attract and retain the most talented of specialized cleaning personnel.

To achieve the high standards that leading retailers expect, and at the cost effective rate that their highly competitive markets dictate, a service provider needs to be both highly efficient and highly specialized. 24 is such an organization.

24 gained an enviable reputation within this specialized market for quality services at competitive pricing. We are proud of our highly successful and long term relationships with major Britain’s retailers.

Shopping centers

24’s cleaning history documents the most outstanding retention rate when it comes to shopping centers. This is testimony to the high level of service we provide which guarantees our client’s satisfaction is our ongoing priority. Our expertise in providing cleaning services for shopping centers ranges from local neighborhood centers through to major regional shopping centre complexes.

Shopping centers require well presented, proactive cleaning operators who can communicate effectively. 24’s recruitment process targets and attracts exactly these people.

Our cleaning staff are fully trained and inducted into procedures that adhere to a set cleaning schedule. This ensures that all internal shopping center areas are checked and serviced every 30 minutes to reduce the exposure to potential slips and falls.

24 knows that in today’s highly litigious environment, shopping centers need to have the security and peace of mind that comes from a service provider that understands how important it is to protect their interests. As a result of our experience and understanding, 24 provides the level of service that is so critical to protecting our clients from potential accidents which could lead to expensive litigation.

We use only fully accredited non slip cleaning chemicals supplied by Jangro – including non slip floor maintainers and non slip floor polishing supermarkets and shopping.


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