Avoid paying large sums of money for your recycling services ... WE GUARANTEE TO SAVE YOU MONEY ..... HALVE YOUR RECYCLING COSTS! ...... PAY AS YOU USE DAILY BAG COLLECTIONS ........... Complete recycling for 89 PENCE PER SACK! (NO. VAT .... NO CONTRACT NEEDED ... FREE BAGS DELIVERY) .... GENERAL WASTE SACK 89 pence per sack ...... RECYCLING WHITE SACK .... 79 pence per sack ...... Please feel free to call us on .. 0800 511 8003 ........... We have also great prices on other services (general cleaning, carpet and window cleaning, check our 24 cleaning services website) ... about us | login login
high level recycling & waste management

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Pre-Paid Bag Service

  • Low-cost rubbish sacks.
  • Complete recycling for 89 pence per sack! (no. VAT)
  • All our services are low-cost and pre-paid.
  • 24 recycling services provide durable black refuse sack marked with our company logo.
  • Our sacks have been strength tested. With us there are no more split bags.
  • We are always lower cost than your local council. Our collection is always on time.

No more headaches

One call and we can arrange your service. All we need is your address and preferred collection time and we will do the rest.

No council fines

If we miss a collection we pay the fine.
We are fully responsible for your waste collection.

No contract needed

If you don’t like our service, stop.
Our main goal is satisfaction of our customers.

  • Delivery is free
  • You receive your rubbish sacks the next day.
  • We are ready to start collecting your rubbish within 24 hours.
  • We send you an invoice and all documentation.
Please feel free to call 0800 511 8003
anytime to re-order sacks

We are here to save you time and money.


call us FREE on

0800 511 8003

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020 8889 6193

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079 8872 0372

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020 8889 6193