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Terms & Conditions

Our company’s policies are not contractual and are there for guidance and your Information.

At all times the cleaners are under the clients supervision, control and responsibility.

The company will make every effort to obtain suitable references and ensure that the cleaners so provided under the terms of this contract are competent work people, if our client is not satisfied with the cleaner we will replace the cleaner immediately.

Should the introduced cleaner refuse without cause to comply with the reasonable terms of the client, fall ill, go on holiday or leave for any reason whatsoever, then the company will undertake to supply a replacement cleaner at the earliest opportunity and in any event within 10 days of notification of the departure of the original introduced cleaner.

The supply of cleaning materials and equipment will be provided if requested by the client.

Finally, 24 cleaning services is committed to ensuring that all employees work in accordance with health and safety regulations. All our employees are required to read these regulations and take responsibility for not only their own safety but also for safety of their colleagues.

Thank you for your time.

In the name of 24 cleaning services.


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